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Fatass Fridays

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Menu Ideas.... Please

The heat here is stifling. It drains the energy and willpower. I'm hungry with no energy.... the tiny dog still lives but only because he is quick and seems to sense hunger in me.. a carnivorous animal that outweighs him by almost 200 pounds.... beside...., I have no taste for raw dog... the "prep time" is mind boggling.

It has to be quick, easy, smart and tasty..... ?

So I've given Progresso soups a try. So far so good. Less than 100 calories a serving and the can says it contains "almost" two servings... a soup bowl full is what it is. With a touch of salt these have been a God-send.

To balance it out, I bought some Wasa multi grain crisp bread.... oh the woe... I do recall eating this in Europe back in the days of keeping weight down for my job... but I don't recall it being THIS bad.

I've thrown in some cantaloupe... cleaned in the wee hours of the morning when the heat index briefly leaves the triple digits...

ANYONE have any ideas for menus that does not involve turning on the stove?

I'll be right here... waiting.... hungry...

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